If you missed last week’s presentation for the LA Hotels Human Resources Association, and want a little sampling of the employment law game you missed, let’s play!

In the Jeopardy-styled game, I give the answer and you respond with the question. Feel free to hum the show’s theme song in your head. The more points, the harder the question.

Employment Law Category: Religious Accommodation

For 100 the answer is: Scheduling and Dress & Grooming

  • The question? What are the most common types of religious accommodations requested?

For 200, the answer is: Interactive Process

  • The question? What is required of employers whenever an employee makes a religious accommodation request?

For 300, the answer is: Maintain Good Documentation

  • The question? What should every employer do to prove that it engaged in the interactive process?

For 400, the answer is: Essential Functions

  • The question? What do not need to be changed as part of a reasonable accommodation?

For 500, the answer is: To the Back of the House You Go

  • The question? What can a hospitality employer no longer say when someone requests a dress and grooming accommodation?

Of course there was a lot of discussion around these topics, but hopefully you get the idea. I think the attendees all agreed that it was a fun and interactive way to address the issues. Hope to see you next time!