Fox Rothschild LLP is a proud sponsor of the Bay Area Urban Debate League. So am I. As I’ve written before, BAUDL helps to establish and maintain competitive debate leagues in under-resourced public high schools, through which under-served youth are taught to research and advocate positions on complex policy issues. Its participants are overwhelmingly students of color (98%) and low income (66%). BAUDL currently serves 15 high schools locally, with about 500 student participants, principally in San Francisco and Oakland. Our goal is to grow that number.

If you believe in equality of access to education, if it bothers you that the gap between the “haves and “have nots” continues to widen, if you believe that there are young people in the poorest parts of the Bay Area who deserve a chance to succeed (and have much to contribute), please support BAUDL.

I’ve been fortunate to meet many of these young people and their stories are inspiring. Rashid Campbell is one of many. Please take two minutes to watch this video and see how our organization is literally changing people’s lives. If you’re motivated to donate, you can do so on that same page (and feel free to repost the message).

BAUDL fight! BAUDL win!