In last week’s post (“Toto, We’re Not In Kansas Anymore – Kansas to Permit Widespread Discrimination Against Gays?”), I asked whether Kansas would pass a law that would let businesses and individuals refuse to provide services to gay people if based on a “sincerely held religious belief.” While the bill handily passed the state House of Representatives, the state Senate announced it would not hold a vote on the bill.

I’d love to know what led the Republican-controlled House to overwhelmingly pass a bill that the Republican-controlled Senate wouldn’t consider. (A story in the Wichita Eagle noted the high cost of defending the bill in court.) But for now, what matters is the result.

Two final points. First, I acknowledge that being unable to write about Kansas without a Wizard of Oz reference displays a certain lack of imagination. Second, when I say “gay” in these posts, I’m referring to the entire LGBT community. Because as the Scarecrow noted, “Some people do go both ways.”