February is going to be a busy month for presentations on new legal developments and you have plenty of opportunities to hear me speak.

If you work in the hospitality industry, you can see me speak for the LAHHRA (Los Angeles Hotel Human Resources Association) on February 21st.  I will be covering new legal developments impacting hotels and an overview of “What to Expect When Your Employee is Expecting.”  If you work in the restaurant industry, you can check out a new group, the LARHRA (Los Angeles Restaurant Human Resources Association); I am speaking on the same subjects (as applied to restaurants) at their meeting on February 19th.  Both of these groups are by invitation only, but if you email me I am happy to connect you with the event organizers.

And finally, if you are an attorney, please come to the LACBA Employment Law Symposium on February 26th, and see me speak on a panel entitled “Labor Pains: Expanding Developments in Pregnancy, Lactation and Related Disability Accommodation Issues.”  You will hear a very awesome hypothetical, with every twist and turn you can imagine.  Then see how the facts are interpreted by me (on behalf of employers) versus a plaintiff’s lawyer (on behalf of employees).  I am looking forward to a few sparks!

Lots of opportunities to come hear me speak, to learn about new legal issues that may impact your business in an entertaining way, and to do a little networking.  I hope to see you!