Copyright: vgstudio / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: vgstudio / 123RF Stock Photo

Paid Sick Leave becomes mandatory in California on July 1, 2015. We’ve discussed the general requirements here and here. The law requires that employers display a poster stating that:

  1. Employees are entitled to accrue, request, and use paid sick days;
  2. The number of sick days provided to employees;
  3. The terms for using the sick days; and
  4. Retaliation or discrimination against employee who request or use paid sick days is prohibited and employees can complain of that conduct to the Labor Commissioner.

An employer willfully violating the posting requirement is subject to a $100 fine for each offense.

The Division of Labor Standards Enforcement has issued this poster for use by employers. While they make lovely holiday gifts, employers who have more generous policies will want to create their own posters containing the necessary information.