Fox Rothschild LLP is proud to support the Bay Area Urban Debate League. BAUDL establishes and maintains competitive debate leagues in under-resourced public middle and high schools. BAUDL teaches young people in San Francisco, Oakland, Emeryville, and soon Richmond to research and advocate positions on complex policy issues. Its participants are overwhelmingly students of color (98%) and low income (66%). Our program has a direct, measurable impact. The young people who participate see their literacy scores increase 25% per year and their odds of going to college increase 30%.

Now is a great time to make a donation that will help BAUDL students attend one of several summer debate institutes. To quote one BAUDL student, “There is nothing better than debate camp!” Every donation helps.

  • $50 is the cost of the shuttle to and from a university campus. Many BAUDL students have a difficult time covering even small expenses, which can be embarrassing when their peers from private schools don’t have that problem.
  • $100 provides the airline luggage fees for students who need to bring 2-4 weeks of clothing with them.
  • $250 is airfare to the University of Oregon for a Bay Area young person. BAUDL is sending three students to be Ducks for two weeks.
  • $500 is the tuition for the eight day institute at CSU Fresno. Three BAUDL students are there all of this week.
  • $700 is the tuition at the University of Oregon Institute.
  • $1000 is the tuition for Coppin State (HBU) and UC Berkeley. Eight hard working students will attend debate institutes on these campuses – living in the dorms and working with college students and instructors.

If you believe in equality of access to education, if it bothers you that the gap between the “haves and have nots” continues to widen, if you believe that there are young people in the poorest parts of the Bay Area who deserve a chance to succeed (and have much to contribute), please help. You can donate online here or send a check to Bay Area Urban Debate League, 287 17th St, Suite 201, Oakland, CA 94612.

Thank you!