Last week, I wrote about California reclaiming the top spot in a survey of judicial hellholes. You may be asking what makes California the worst of the worst.

According to the American Tort Reform Association, California’s biggest problem is the amount of new legislation coming out of Sacramento. We wrote about the major new employment laws for 2016 here. But those were just a fraction of the 808 bills that passed in the 2015 legislative session and were signed by the governor. ATRA explains:

That isn’t a misprint. A legislature hugely influenced by plaintiffs’ lawyers and checked only by an occasionally practical governor saw fit to create 808 new laws, many of which, by design, will lead to still more litigation and related costs that for many years have helped drive businesses, along with their jobs and tax revenues, out of the once Golden State and into the arms of less litigious jurisdictions around the country and across the globe.

There are, of course, benefits to living in a state that protects the rights of individuals. But there are also costs involved in having what Chief Executive Magazine annually declares to be “the worst state for business.”

Copyright: roxanabalint / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: roxanabalint / 123RF Stock Photo

Even the state’s biggest boosters have to acknowledge that businesses operating here face burdens that they face in no other state. We’ve prepared and recently updated a 15-page brochure that summarizes California’s unique employment law requirements. You can download it here.