Football and employment law
Copyright: tiero / 123RF Stock Photo

An estimated 16.5 million employees may miss work the day after the Super Bowl, with another 7.5 million workers reporting late to work, according to a new study. In fact, 10.5 million people have already requested Monday off of work. And California employers can’t do much about it.

With California’s Paid Sick Leave law in full effect, workers who call in sick must be permitted to use their paid time off. Though we are only a month into the year, remember the law allows employees to carry over up to 48 hours (or 6 days) so that employees are entitled to paid sick leave even at the beginning of the calendar year. Oh, and if you are thinking about asking for a doctor’s note, proceed with caution, as it can be viewed as retaliatory. Perhaps the best bet is providing free bagels and a special office hangover “cocktail” to ensure all productivity is not lost.