California employers are required to provide employees with several documents upon hire.  But not all CA employers do.  I was working with a retail boutique chain last week and when I provided them the list of required onboarding documents, the manager said she has been in retail for 20 years and had never seen the documents!  In honor of the newly redesigned DFEH sexual harassment pamphlet, I thought I would provide a refresher (or in some cases, a first look) at documents that should be given to new hires when they begin employment with a company:

  1. The new DFEH-185
  2. DE-2511
  3. DE-2515
  4. CA Wage Theft Notice
  5. Workers’ Compensation Notice
  6. Form I-9
  7.  Form W-4

In addition to the forms above, we have previously discussed the importance of having a Non-Disclosure Agreement, Employee Handbook, and Arbitration Agreement.