July may seem like a sleepy summer month, but don’t forget — for many cities in California it is the time for minimum wage increases.  Your payroll company may notify you and take care of it, but if you handle payroll directly, then please take note.

As of July 1st, the following cities in Southern California have scheduled increases to $14.25 (for businesses with 26 or more employees) and $13.25 (for employers with 25 or less employees):

  • City of Los Angeles
  • County of Los Angeles (unincorporated areas)
  • Malibu
  • Pasadena
  • Santa Monica

As of July 1st, the following cities in Northern California also have increases:

  • Alameda — $13.50
  • Berkeley — $15.59
  • Emeryville — $16.30 or $15.00 (for small independent restaurants with 20 or fewer locations)
  • Milpitas — $15.00
  • San Francisco — $15.59
  • San Leandro — $14.00

The California Restaurant  Association actually has a handy tracker and map.  Or you can use Tyreen Torner’s excellent chart.

City minimum wage does not change the statutory minimum for exempt status, which must be twice the state’s applicable minimum wage.

Don’t forget to double check those pay rates for your city!