One of the hottest issues in employment law is Whistleblowing.

  • Did you ever wonder why the President can fire people who testify against him, but a California employer would be sued in a hot minute for doing so?
  • Or why certain high profile figures can be “handsy” or “flirty” (or way more) and get away with it, but others are being “outed” by victims with time-barred claims, crushed with job loss, litigation (and maybe even jail time) in the #MeToo era?
  • And did you know that even though most Whistleblowing statutes (such as California Labor Code Section 1102.5) do not provide for attorneys’ fees, that the Plaintiff’s bar is now arguing that PAGA applies?

If these issues keep you up at night (and they should), no worries.  Come to the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s 40th Annual Labor & Employment Law Symposium on March 11, 2020, and hear me and two colleagues from the “dark side” (i.e. Plaintiff’s bar), Gina Browne Olivares and David Myers, present on these hotly contested and very topical issues.

You can register here.  Hope to see you on March 11th!