Effective November 9th, Los Angeles businesses may refuse service to any patron not wearing a mask.

Specifically, the new Ordinance states “any business owner or operator in the City of Los Angeles is authorized to refuse admittance or service to any person who refuses or fails to wear a Face Covering when on the premises of the business or when seeking or receiving service.”

A Face Covering must cover the nose and mouth and be secured to the head with ties/straps or wrapped around the lower face.

Several southern California cities also are now imposing fines for individuals without face coverings in public, including Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach, and West Hollywood.

Hopefully restaurants, retail, and other employers can stop having to police their patrons to protect their employees.  It used to be no shoes no service or no shirt no service – now, it is no mask no service.

As Covid-19 cases continue to rise, please stay safe!