Has the rest of the country finally caught up to California in its antipathy for non-compete agreements? Interested to learn what the Federal Trade Commission’s April 23, 2024 announcement of a final rule — which bans virtually all preexisting and future noncompete agreements — means for your organization (outside of California)?

Join our colleagues Glenn Grindlinger and Steven Ludwig for a one-hour webinar breaking down key considerations, including: 

  • Status of the rule, effective date and court challenges
  • Who is covered — employees, contractors, volunteers, etc.?
  • What is banned versus permitted?
  • How does the rule impact current contracts that contain non-competes?
  • Health care issues and exemptions for nonprofits
  • Noncompetes in a sale or purchase of a business
  • Alternate employer protections: nonsolicitation and confidentiality clauses
  • What should employers do now?

The program also will discuss state-specific issues and developments, including state laws that prohibit non-competes. You can also read all about it in this helpful Alert.