I’ve made no secret of the fact that I think “wage theft” is a ridiculous term for employers who don’t understand the nuances of California’s ridiculously complicated payroll requirements. If someone is intentionally violating the wage and hour laws, then I can see how the term would apply. But the vast majority of employers I deal with are trying to comply. It’s just that the laws can be confusing, ever-changing, and sometimes even hard to find.

Well the term seems to be here to stay. In fact the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement has launched a new website at www.WageTheftIsACrime.com (and its Spanish-language counterpart: www.RoboDeSueldoEsUnCrimen.com).

If employers who fail to provide all the required breaks are stealing from their employees, isn’t it equally accurate to say that employees who take longer breaks than they’re permitted are stealing from their employers? If so, what government agency is working on remedying that “crime”?

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