Looking for a handy source that explains the current state of marijuana laws in the U.S.? Joshua Horn and Nicholas Casiello, Jr., who head up our firm’s Cannabis Practice, have the answer. They’ve compiled an E-book entitled: National Survey on Marijuana Laws and Regulations. Here’s a link: E-book Marijuana – August 2016. It provides a state-by-state summary, along with links to the relevant laws and pending legislation.

Here in California, we’re keeping our eyes on Proposition 64 on the November ballot. This proposition, known as the California Adult Use of Marijuana Act, would permit recreational marijuana use by those 21 and over. It would not, however:

Copyright: wollertz / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: wollertz / 123RF Stock Photo
  • Restrict employers’ ability to maintain a drug and alcohol free workplace;
  • Require employers to permit the use, possession, sale, or growth of marijuana in the workplace; or
  • Affect the ability of employers to have policies prohibiting the use of marijuana by current and prospective employees.

We’ll continue to monitor this rapidly developing area of law.