On February 25, 2021, the California Supreme Court issued its opinion in Donohue v. AMN Services, LLC, holding that:

  • Employers cannot utilize the rounding of time punches in the meal period context, even if the rounding policy is neutral and even if over time it results in the employees being paid for more time

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The webinar will address the many pressing questions facing employers, employees and those administering COVID-19 vaccines. A multi-disciplinary Fox team – drawing from health care, privacy and labor and employment

Back in March 2020, many cities and counties (including Los Angeles) started passing ordinances to provide 80 Hours of Supplemental Sick Leave to employees not covered by the FFCRA (Families First Coronavirus Response Act).  The FFCRA applied only to businesses with 500 or less employees, so various cities were filling the gaps.  As reported

Although restaurants may now resume outdoor dining in Los Angeles County, the devil, as they say, is in the details. Along with giving restaurants the go ahead for outdoor dining service as of last Friday, the County Public Health Department imposed pages of new requirements on how restaurants should operate.

The new conditions on restaurant

When it comes to employment laws, where California goes, the rest of the country often follows.  Now that we have a Vice President from the golden state, we can certainly expect more California-centric influence in Washington DC.

Curious about what that means?  A higher federal minimum wage?  More laws like AB5 to classify more workers

Speech bubbles

Newly posted FAQs bring employers welcome help in understanding what they need to do to satisfy Cal/OSHA’s Emergency Temporary COVID-19 Standards (ETS). These are key takeaways from the nearly 40 new FAQs posted on January 8, 2021:

Exclusion Pay: Sensible Guidance!

Cal/OSHA’s ETS, which became effective November 30, 2020, require that employers exclude from the

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As the sun rises on New Year’s Day 2021, California employment law will once again become more involved and challenging. For many employers, the following are the top five developments they most need to prepare for.

  1. One Measure of Relief: COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave Requirements Expire

For much of 2020, California law has required that

As an unprecedented operation begins to deploy millions of doses of COVID-19 vaccines across the country, employers question whether they may lawfully require that employees be vaccinated. Today, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) weighed in with guidance.

The EEOC guidance makes points including the following:

  1. An employer (or a vendor contracted by the