On January 1, 2014, San Francisco’s newly enacted Family Friendly Workplace Ordinance will take effect. I explained the basics of the Ordinance here. Since then, there’ve been some developments that SF employers should be aware of.

First, employers can download the mandatory poster here in English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Tagalog, and Vietnamese, I think. My Vietnamese is a bit rusty. Employers must post the notice in a conspicuous place and must post it in English, Spanish, Chinese, “and any language spoken by at least 5% of the Employees at the workplace or job site.”

Second, it was unclear from the Ordinance whether it applied to employers with 20 or more employees in SF or employers with 20 or more employees if any of them worked in SF. According to the poster and the website of the Office of Labor Standards Enforcement, “[e]mployers with 20 or more employees must allow any employee who is employed within the geographic boundaries of the City” to request accommodation. That sounds to me like it allows SF employees to request accommodation if their employer has 20 or more employees anywhere.

Third, during the first year the Ordinance is in effect, the OLSE can issue warnings and notices to correct, but not monetary penalties. Those start January 1, 2015.

Again, you can check out this post for an explanation of who can request what when. More guidance should be forthcoming. So stay tuned.

Here’s hoping that you get nicer gifts this holiday season than this gift employers are getting from the City of San Francisco.

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