Starting August 13, 2014, employers with 20 or more employees (regardless of location) will be prohibited from asking applicants for jobs in San Francisco certain questions about prior convictions. I explained what inquiries are prohibited here.

Now the Office of Labor Standards Enforcement (which will enforce the Fair Chance Ordinance) has issued the English version of the notice that employers must display in a conspicuous place at “every workplace. job site, or other location in San Francisco under the Employer’s control frequently visited by their employees or applicants.” Employers must also “send a copy of this notice to each labor union or representative of workers with which they have a collective bargaining agreement or other agreement or understanding that is applicable to employees in San Francisco.”

Employers must post the notice in each language that is spoken by more than 5% of their workers at that site. The OLSE will hopefully make foreign language versions available before the August 13, 2014 deadline. Finally, employers must give a copy of the notice to an applicant before asking about prior convictions.

We’ll continue to update you as new information becomes available. In the meantime, you can find the notice here.

Jailhouse Bird