It looks like the back-and-forth about how much employee information will be covered under the California Consumer Privacy Act, CCPA, is likely resolved, at least for now.  The California legislature recently passed AB 25, which excludes most employment information from the CCPA.  If signed by Governor Newsom, it will specifically exclude information collected by a business for an applicant, employee, owner or contractor, if the information was collected and used solely in the employment context.  The amendment will also exclude emergency contact information and information collected and maintained to administer benefits.

While the exclusion is good news for California employers, it is limited.  The exclusion will only provide California businesses a temporary reprieve — until 2021.  That extra year will give employers more time to comply with the CCPA, and the legislature time to consider whether to extend the exception, or make it permanent.   The Governor has until October 13, 2019 to sign AB 25 into law.

More details about AB 25 and the CCPA can be found in this comprehensive Alert written by Ciera Logan.