Currently, California Labor Code § 1197.5 requires that men and women working at the same location receive equal pay for equal work. But according to an all-but-enacted amendment to that statute, men and women must receive equal pay for substantially similar work, regardless of whether they work at the same location.

Controversial stuff?

Companies have a lot to lose if they misclassify employees as independent contractors. The affected workers can sue (individually or as a class) for any number of wage and hour violations. Employers can also get in trouble with the Internal Revenue Service, the Employment Development Department, the US Department of Labor, the Division

Yesterday, in Robert M. Mallano v. John Chiang et al., the court certified a class of 1,600 active state court judges and 1,800 retired judges and pension beneficiaries. The judges claim that the state has unlawfully withheld wage increases, which in turn affect pension benefits. The fact that the state court judge who heard

The California Wage Orders require that employees be paid for “all hours worked.” Mendiola v. CPS Security, a California Supreme Court opinion issued yesterday, addressed how to treat 24-hour security guards at construction sites when they were sleeping in their trailers.

Under federal law, the time would not need to be paid. But here