We’ve written throughout the year about new employment laws that take effect in California in 2016. But as the year winds down, here’s a handy list of the most significant ones (with links to our earlier entries). Unless noted otherwise, the laws take effect on January 1, 2016.

  1. California’s Fair Pay Act (SB 358

Governor Brown vetoed AB 465This bill would have disregarded federal law and banned mandatory agreements to arbitrate employment claims. In a veto message, he noted the lack of proof that arbitration was unfair to employees and the likelihood of the measure being struck down.

The governor also vetoed AB 1017, which

A bill passed by the legislature and awaiting the governor’s signature [Update: He signed it.] would drastically expand individual and successor liability for wage and hour violations. SB 588 (which its sponsor, Senate President pro Tem Kevin De León, would like you to call “A Fair Day’s Pay Act“) purportedly intends