Equal pay for equal work is a principle that is easy to understand and apply. But California’s new Fair Pay Act requires equal pay for substantially similar work. How do you know what is “substantially similar”? You look at “a composite of skill, effort, and responsibility” and whether the work is “performed under similar working

In honor of Labor Day, I wanted to devote this blog post to a recent flurry of pro-union activity. While these are federal law labor law issues, they will most certainly impact California employers.

So what’s going on? You may remember a few years back when we all thought the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)

The elections are over and Jerry Brown will soon be replacing Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor.  What impact will that have on employment law in California?  Plenty. 

As the Fresno Bee reported, consultant Peter Detwiler compiled statistics on over 40 years of California gubernatorial vetoes.  And during that time, no one was freer with the