My colleagues around the country are putting on some pretty fabulous webinars in June that will be informative to employers (especially those who operate both inside and outside of California).

First, join dynamic Partner Lori Armstrong Halber as she explores that mind-numbing overlap of ADA, FMLA and workers’ compensation (often referred to as the Bermuda Triangle of employment law).  Lori will be joined by a disability employment expert and a workers’ compensation attorney for an advanced discussion on developing win-win solutions for both employers and employees.

The panel will explore three scenarios involving workplace related physical or mental impairments – including one involving COVID-19 – and provide practical tips for navigating workers’ compensation, FMLA and ADA requirements with an integrated strategy.  No matter your jurisdiction, this free webinar (Reasonable Accommodations:  The Under-Utilized Bridge to Resolving ADA, FMLA & Workers’ Comp Claims) on June 17, 2021 at 9 am PT, will provide helpful insights.  You can register here.

Second, one of the more confusing issues of late is how to navigate the new world of remote workers, including questions like:  My business is in California, but my employee is living with relatives in Florida, so which law applies to her pregnancy leave?  Partner Wayne Pinkstone (and two other expert panelists) present Working Without Boundaries:  Practical and Legal Issues Employers Need to Know.  This free webinar on June 22, 2021 at 11 am PT (which you can register for here) will tackle the following types of questions:

  • Is the remote workers’ “office” their personal residence or where the company is located for Tax and Compliance purposes?
  • Which state’s employment rules do we follow (for example state leave laws, discrimination training rules, etc.) for employees working remotely in one state when their usual office location is in another?
  • What policy and procedural issues should be considered as we move forward with an increasingly remote workforce?
  • What changes should employers adopt if employees are given a choice to work in an office or remotely?

The glorious thing about webinars is that you don’t have to travel anymore to attend, and you save all of that travel time (although you also don’t get the slightly un-fresh coffee cake platter and lukewarm coffee).

Sign up, tune in, and learn from the comfort of your own home or office!