We’ve discussed before how phishing scams target employers. A new scam focuses on defendants who have settled class-action claims. The scammers send wire transfer instructions that appear to come from reputable class-action claims administrators. If the defendant wires the funds though, it eventually discovers that it is the victim of a spear phishing attack

When you draft employment arbitration agreements, it’s not enough to know what the law is. You should also know what the law will be at the time that someone challenges the agreement. Since this area of law changes continuously, that’s pretty hard to do without a crystal ball.

For a while, some courts in California

From the employer’s perspective, the only way to truly “win” an employment case is to avoid it in the first place. We litigators love the thrill of gettting a judge, arbitrator, or jury to decide in our client’s favor. But it can be awfully expensive to get to that point. So without further ado,

On April 3, 2014, the California Supreme Court heard oral argument in front of a packed courtroom in Iskanian v. CLS Transportation, a case involving the enforceability of class/representative action waivers in employment arbitration agreements under California law.  This is a very important decision for employers in California, and one that is very close

This week brought some good news for employers seeking to enforce class and representative action waivers in arbitration agreements in California. In Iskanian v. CLS Transportation [pdf], the Court of Appeal applied the recent holding of the United States Supreme Court in AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion and upheld the dismissal of a pending

It is starting to feel like summer, with graduation dates on the calendar, long daylight hours, and plenty of high school and college students and recent graduates looking for resume-building work experiences. However, before you bring on any unpaid interns this summer – beware. There has been a recent flurry of lawsuits by interns claiming

After more than three years and two rounds of briefing, the California Supreme Court has issued its long-awaited decision in Brinker Restaurant Corp. v. Superior Court. Overall, the decision is a significant win for employers. Here are the key points in the unanimous decision that the Court issued today:

  • Employers do not have to