I’ve written before about steps employers can take to prepare for California’s Fair Pay Act, which takes effect January 1, 2016. Nancy Yaffe and Sahara Pynes also prepared this Alert on the topic. Under the new law, men and women must receive equal pay for substantially similar work, even if they work in different locations. That’s a significant change from current law, which requires equal pay for equal work in the same location.

Copyright: iofoto / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: iofoto / 123RF Stock Photo

June Bell interviewed lawyers (including yours truly) and an economist and then wrote this article on how to ensure compliance for the Society of Human Resource Management. It provides clear guidance as to steps employers should take now to see if their pay practices can withstand scrutiny.


  1. It will take time to analyze and address any pay disparities. So companies that haven’t already started this process should start now.
  2. By involving counsel, employers can protect the analysis under the attorney-client privilege.