ICE workplace audits are on the rise.  And if you didn’t know, the federal government and California are not harmonious in their views on immigration issues.  That means that ICE raids on California employers are likely to continue, especially in target industries such as hospitality, construction, agriculture, tech, and manufacturing.  And if you want

For lawyers who defend wage and hour cases in California, “PAGA” is a four-letter word. The Private Attorneys General Act allows private employees to sue to recover penalties that the state labor commissioner could have collected. Employers and their attorneys dislike PAGA for these reasons:

  • It drastically expands the ways that employers can be sued,

One of the hot topics these days is proper classification of workers as employees or independent contractors.  Getting it wrong can result in audits, penalties, individual lawsuits and potentially class action litigation.  In the face of such daunting exposure and possible liability, it is more important than ever to reassess your particular situation and  get