Employment Discrimination

If you had asked me a few years ago about ADA accessibility lawsuits, I would have talked about the importance of ensuring your business’s seating, aisles, and restrooms complied with the ADA accessibility guidelines.  Although plaintiffs continue to file lawsuits alleging barriers to physical accessibility, over the past two years, a new type of accessibility

I have been waiting for a gap in my practice with no pending claims about a layoff gone wrong.  Honestly, I have been waiting for over two years, and there has been no gap, so I am taking the plunge and writing this blog post now.

Why are there so many claims involving layoffs?  Because

Adding to our earlier discussion of discrimination against monsters, here’s another post from Summer Associate Keith Yetter:

Apparently a small number of Americans identify as actual vampires! A recent Newsweek article profiles the work of DJ Williams, director of the social work program at Idaho State University, researching these Vampire-Americans.

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California discrimination laws protect a wide variety of individuals. So it’s perfectly understandable if you lay awake at night thinking about monsters and wondering whether employers are allowed to discriminate against them? Well finally, here are the answers to your questions about what types of monsters are protected from discrimination.

Zombies – Not protected. As

In a prior post, I discussed what triggers the obligation to engage in the interactive process. Once that obligation arises, what is it employers are required to do?

According to California’s new disability regulations (specifically, 2 CCR sec. 7294.0), "Both the employer or other covered entity and the applicant, employee or the individual’s representative shall