The allure of doing business in California is undeniable. It is the world’s fifth (moving towards fourth) largest economy and a market of more than 39 million people. For employers, however, California presents unique challenges because its laws differ significantly from federal laws and those of other states. California employment laws are the most far-reaching in the nation, usually providing workers significantly greater levels of protection than those offered by other states or by federal laws. These differences can create traps for the unwary employer.

Our team of California employment lawyers has updated our guide for 2023, to include key aspects of what makes California a trendsetter on cutting edge employment issues. Topics covered in our guide include:

  • Wage and Hour Laws
  • Leave Laws
  • Discrimination and Harassment
  • Other Employment Issues (such as covenants not to compete, PAGA, Cal-WARN and privacy)
  • Litigation
  • What Employers Can Do to Protect Themselves

Check out and download a copy of the new Doing Business in California guide here!